Antenna 50 Cal Bullet™

  • $25.00

This replica 50 Cal. bullet replaces your dull worthless radio antenna with a KILLER new style. Yes, how else do you explain the 50 Cal. Antenna on your vehicle to your friends? Get yours while supplies last and don't be that guy without one.

  • This Aluminum Bullet Antenna has the same dimensions as a real 50 Caliber bullet. Note: But it will not work in your firearm! You would have to throw it at someone to do damage and we don't recommend that.
  • Installs in a Minute - Simply install the Bullet Antenna on your vehicle of choice by unscrewing your existing antenna and screwing this one in place.
  • All Hardware Included - Comes with the necessary hardware to fit any vehicles thread size.
  • Premium Materials - Stainless hardware and solid 6061 Aluminum bullet with Hard Anodize finish that will not chip or fade.
  • Car Wash Safe - Not that we really have to add this but someone asked... How can you wreck this in a car wash?
  • Notice - Sometimes looking good isn't practical but it feels damn good so we do it anyway. With that said I have to add: "This antenna may reduce your radio signal in certain locations" but still has a strong and clear reception.


-Will not affect XM, Bluetooth or Satellite Radio
-Same dimensions as a real 50 Cal bullet! 
-Simple installation that only takes a minute or two.
-6061 Solid Billet Aluminum construction.
-Hard Anodize finish that will not chip or fade.
-Carwash safe


  • Ships out in 1-3 Business Days.
  • Please Allow 7-20 Business Days for Shipping.